American Kerry Bog Pony Society ~ Preserving an Ancient Breed


AKBPS is an approved 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Formed in November 2004, AKBPS is dedicated to the preservation and growth of the breed through responsible breeding of pure bloodlines.

AKBPS maintains a liaison with The Kerry Bog Pony Co-operative Society Ltd. and safeguards the Registry of ponies imported and foaled in North America. Another important part of AKBPS' mission is to provide information and educate people about this precious gift of nature.

Membership benefits include your copy of The Kerry Ring, the official publication of the American Kerry Bog Pony Society.

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Membership Form

    Susan Fore, Simpsonville,SC
    Sharon Clark, Darlington, MD
    James and Jennifer Cino, Princeton, MA
    Amy Middleton, Dresser, WI
    Jo Lynn, Oakdale, PA
    Dennis Bruce, Westlake, OH
  • AKBPS Objectives:

  • To assist and promote the breeding, registration, training, exhibition, and general us of the Kerry Bog Pony;

  • To preserve the unique qualities of the breed;

  • To preserve the pure bloodlines of the breed;

  • To assist and promote equestrian competition;

  • To keep members informed about all matters concerning the Kerry Bog Pony.

  • Dues and donations to the AKBPS, may be deducible on your Federal Income Tax Return. Please refer to the regulations regarding 501(c)(5), at the IRS website (and excerpted below): IRS website
    "Contributions to labor, agricultural, and horticultural organizations are not deductible as charitable contributions on the donor's federal income tax return. However, such payments may be deductible as business expenses if they are ordinary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer's trade or business."

    If your breeding program or farm operates as a business then your donation may be deductible. Donors will receive a letter of confirmation of donation for tax filing purposes.

    Also from the IRS website, some examples of the activities engaged in by 501(c)(5) entites include:
    • Promoting various cooperative agricultural, horticultural, and civic activities among rural residents by a state and county farm and home bureau.

    • Exhibiting livestock, farm products, and other characteristic features of agriculture and horticulture.

    • Guarding the purity of a specific breed of livestock.